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Everyone has their own fantasy. They develop fantasies for several reasons. It could be the things that they are barred from doing, something impossible, or something that isn’t accepted by everyone. As for myself, I get extremely turned on by the thought of my wife having sex with another man.

I get a lot of messages asking how evil I am to be doing that to my wife. I just tell them that as long as my wife consents, then we will always go for it. This is one of the topics that I talk about on my blog. Communication is very important if you have the same fantasy. You don’t want to get in jail for forcing your partner to do it, but what you can do is learn from my experience.

We will talk about the psychology behind the fetish to help you better understand it and enjoy it. We also share some of the stories submitted by our readers, for everyone to enjoy. There is just one thing I ask from my readers, keep an open mind and I will take care of the rest! Happy to see you here!

Pastis Roswell