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Butt plugs are your toy for powerful anal stimulation. The anus houses a bunch of nerve endings and a plug toy works to stimulate these nerve endings to sweep you to euphoric orgasms. But these anal plugs aren’t just for sexual pleasure. In fact, you will be surprised to know that butt plugs assure a number of health benefits as well. And it applies to both women and men as well. Yes, men too can use butt plug and there is a wealth of benefit in store for them here.

The post below is all set to unravel the amazing health benefits of butt plugs. But before you get to enjoy its benefits, be sure to have your own butt plugs. There are many stores online, one of which is love plugs, where you can purchase any plugs you want.

Benefits for women

  • Tones up pelvic floor and vagina

It has long been reported that many women fail to achieve orgasm with penetrative sex. It’s because, penetrative sex can’t always lead to clit and G-spot stimulation in women. But a butt plug does and does it with glory. An anal plug not only stimulates the anal region in women but also the clit and G-spot. In fact, a woman will enjoy better orgasm if she has vaginal sex while wearing the anal plug at the back.

It’s to stress here clit stimulation as well as female orgasm is extremely beneficial for a woman’s health. First of all, it tones up her pelvic floor. During orgasm, your clit surges with enhanced blood pressure. As a result, the uterus tends to contract off pelvic floor which improves tension in pelvic muscle and powers up the whole region.

A strong pelvic floor leads to a toned and more lubricated vagina. One of the reasons behind painful sex in women is less vaginal lubrication. But if you use butt plugs, you will experience more lubrication in vagina and enjoy your sex better.

Besides, a powerful pelvic floor also reduces risks of urinary incontinence.

  • Increased vaginal elasticity

Clitoral arousal through butt plug helps to improve elasticity of the vaginal region. When your clit is aroused, it tends to stimulate vaginal gland. Consequently, the gland generates mucosa lubricant that comes with a great moisturizing as well as rejuvenating effect.

In other words, clit stimulation through a butt plug will keep your vagina fresh, strong and agile.

  • Great for vaginal cleansing

As mentioned earlier, butt plugs are a great way to enjoy your O-game to the T. And a steady flow of orgasm helps to cleanse the vagina naturally and keeps it refreshed.

  • Anti-aging benefits

Now, a butt plug cannot directly make you look younger. It’s not that the moment you will wear the plug your wrinkles will vanish. But, the powerful orgasm promised by the toy is a great anti-dote to wrinkles. Orgasm has anti-aging benefits and it can work wonders to prevent wrinkles and other facial signs of aging. You will end up with a fresh glowing skin and youthful looks.

Benefits for men

First of all, it should be mentioned here butt plugs are not just for gay men. Straight men will enjoy the toy too. There is nothing unusual in a straight man to enjoy a feeling of solid fullness at the backdoor. As mentioned previously, the anus features several nerve endings. So, when the plug passes through the region, the nerves get stimulated and help the wearer to attain a strong orgasm- irrespective of his/her gender and sexual orientation. The bottomline is, even if you are a straight man, don’t shy away from wearing a butt plug. Apart from a mindblowing orgasm, you will also enjoy a bunch of physical benefits as well.

  • Helps to tackle ED

ED is a major problem for many men and it affects both his sexual life and confidence level.

Do you know you can manage ED issues through a good prostate massage? Yes, it’s true and doctors too have confirmed it. This is where a butt plug comes to the rescue. The toy helps men to attain a powerful prostate massage and that too without the need to deploy your hands.

But how does prostate massage with butt plug help to tackle ED problems? Well, you have to understand this first that lack of blood flow in the penile region is a major cause behind ED woes. prostate massage helps to improve blood flow in prostate gland. As butt plugs work to enhance blood flow in and around prostate, it can work to improve ED conditions and prevent such risks in future.

  • Regulates urinary flow

Are you experiencing problems in urinary flow of late? A steady stream of urine is the best proof of healthy urine flow. Are you experiencing a slower flow for some time now? Well, the reason behind the issue here could be inflamed or swollen prostate. If you are down with swollen prostate, it might irritate your bladder. And that will badly affect the urine flow.

One of the best ways to reduce inflammation in prostate gland is through regular prostate massage. As mentioned previously, a butt plug assures excellent massage of the male G-spot a.k.a the prostate. So, when you will use a butt plug, it would give your prostate a nice massage. It in turn will help to decrease prostate inflammation and prevent it from affecting the bladder. When your bladder is unaffected, you easily enjoy a healthy urine flow.

So, you see butt plugs are amazing. On one hand, they improve your love life and on another they keep your health in shape. And when you enjoy excellent health and wonderful sex life, your mood is always on the peak. Thus, butt plugs are somehow related to mental wellness as well.

There is a wide variety of butt plugs available today. Some of them even come with in-built vibrators. A good lot of these vibrator options can even be controlled remotely through a smartphone app. Then, there are butt plug toys with animal tails. So, there are a good lot of options for you here. Just one thing, if you are a beginner, always start your plug game with a silicone plug. Metal and glass plugs are also great but it’s better to try them once you get accustomed with the silicone beauties.