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 Straight guys are usually wary of doing anything sexual when it comes to their butts. Some of them might find that it would perhaps question their sexual orientation if they like it too much.

Is a straight man really straight if he enjoys a strapon dildo in his hiney? In this article, we’ll show you how to get your man to be more sex-positive when it comes to his anal stimulation.

Talking Him Into It

Would you like a man doing things to you that you don’t consent to? So don’t do it to him either! 

If this is something that you want to add to your sex life, you have to make sure that he’s okay with it. You shouldn’t make him feel forced to do it — rather show him that you’d really enjoy it. Since you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume you’ve brought it up at least once, and your man wasn’t that open about it.

The thing you should do is talk him into trying it out. Make sure you use the right moment. If, for instance, you’re having a Christmas dinner with his family, don’t say, “I wanna put a finger up your ass, Todd!” Bring it up the next time you sexy talk instead. 

The thing is, if he sees it’s a desire of yours, he’ll probably be willing to make it happen. At some point, it might even become an ego thing, not allowing his girl to have a dirtier mind than him!

Explain How It Works and What the Benefits Are

As we’ve said in the opening, guys are mostly against butt stuff because of the psychological side of it. So much so they’ve never even entertained the idea. Your job is to explain that it would be for mutual benefit. Prostate stimulation is not reserved for gay men only.

Many describe the prostate as a male G spot as it causes the man to experience an entirely different kind of orgasm! It’s a simple anatomical fact that men will feel good when you mess around with their butthole. He should become aware (that’s your job) of how and why anal play is pleasurable. Talk to him about how you use anal sex toys (such as a butt plug) and what it would do to him. Before you know it, it’ll become his favorite sex toy!

Start Small

This is something you probably already know, but it’s paramount you start slow (as you did with yourself). Often, anal sex for men is a scary thought, and if the first experience is a painful one, it will be hard to get him to try again. There are several pegging for beginners guides for you to make sure you do it the right way, but here, we’ll focus on butt plugs for straight men.

Sure, a P-spot orgasm can sound fine in theory, but there’s nothing like feeling it yourself. One way to introduce it to the relationship is by using a prostate massager while giving him oral sex. He’ll realize how intense it is, and he’ll want to go for something better.

So when he’s ready for his first butt plug, make sure it’s a small one, one that his butt can deal with. Afterward, work your way up, and don’t forget to use lots of lube!

Talk About Hygiene

Hygiene is an important aspect of every sex act. But, talking about it and educating him on it might be even more critical. We’ve all thought about it the first time we did butt stuff. What if something starts coming out? As you probably know, there are ways to make sure that doesn’t happen, like, for instance, using an anal douche and not going for it right after lunch.

On top of that, you have to make sure that the toy itself is clean and safe for use. Once you’re done with it, you should clean it thoroughly again so that there are no remains of lube or bacteria. That way, you will prevent any potential infections. Before your husband gets into the whole butt plug thing, he should know that it’s perfectly safe to do so.

Let Him Choose Sex Toys

Once you’ve got him on board, and he’s ready to join you on this journey, it’s time to pick out a toy. Although you might have a fantasy about using a specific toy, you shouldn’t push it. Browse together for different options and let him make a choice he’s okay with. Don’t forget that he’ll still be having second thoughts about it even after giving the green light.

To avoid having him back out or getting scared of it, go for a toy he’s most comfortable with. Make this a couples’ thing, like shopping for something that both of you like. While doing so, you might want to do a bit of sexy talk and put some images in his head to get his gears going.  There are many stores online where you can browse for your new toys, one of which is love plugs. Make sure to read its descriptions and the reviews to ensure that you are picking perfect one.

Reward Him With Roleplay

As we’ve already said, this can’t be a one-way street where you get to have all the fun at his expense. You should make sure he enjoys it as much as you do. Most men find it hard to orgasm solely by anal play, so you still need to stimulate his penis. You can’t just plug him up and expect him to climax like never before! Sex is hardly enjoyable for (straight) men if their penises are not in the equation, so make sure you stimulate his front all the time as well.

Do a bit of roleplay, go back and forth, make it a give-and-take transaction. Stimulate his soldier all the way through, and he’ll soon realize that his orgasms are much more powerful. If he’s into a bit of roleplay, go with it and let him become as horny as he can. Remember, he’s giving his ass as an offering to you — be kind and give something back in return!