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Literary erotica is full of great stories and kinks you’ll want to experiment with. However, our dirty little tale deals with one of the most popular fetishes modern couples enjoy — cuckolding. Our story will help you make your mind up about this sexual fantasy and hopefully allow you to try it out with your partner at some point.

It Started as a Fantasy

Seth was a handsome man, always on top of his game and popular with girls. He had a great time experimenting in college, as well as getting a diploma that would allow him to become a successful manager at the local bank. However, all these experiences would count for nothing once he found himself married to Susan for three years.

Their marriage wasn’t a bad one by any means. They were rich, living in a big house in a safe part of town, and most importantly, they were in love. Susan couldn’t have kids, but her husband didn’t mind. She was an interior designer, doing pretty well. But after a while, their sex became dull, lacking in anything new and exciting.

One Sunday morning while in bed, Seth finally came up with the courage to ask her how she feels about their sex life. “Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked while placing his palm on her cheek. Susan was silent. Turning her head towards the other side of her pillow, she finally spoke — “I feel like there’s a whole world we’re missing out on, Seth.” After hearing this, something clicked in his head, and he knew how to turn things around.

Her Reaction to It Was Priceless

Seth grabbed her hand and told her to turn around. “Susan, I know you’re not satisfied like I’d like you to be. I feel bad about our sex life too,” he held her hand firmly and continued — “But, baby, I think we can make it work again.” Intrigued with his words for the first time in a while, Seth had her attention. “What do you have on your mind, honey,” she replied.

Feeling brave once again, Seth knew it was time to tell her about his lifelong fantasy. “I’d like to watch you have sex with someone else,” he said with a kinky grin on his face. Completely in shock, she yelled — “What the fuck, Seth?! What are you on about?” She was up for grabs, and Seth knew it.

He said — “I have this cuckold fantasy, and I think we’d come out of it stronger.” It turned her on, and she said — “You want to watch your partner having sex with some random guy?” while slowly rubbing her palm against his erect cock. She was into it immediately, and there was no going back.

Finding the One Was Hard

After giving him a hand job, she did something out of the blue. Susan made him come in her palm. Seth was a bit confused, but he felt there was something more to it. “What now?” he asked. Her face was numb, somewhat sadistic. “I want you to lick your load off my hand, Seth. Do it now, so I’ll know you’re serious about your fantasy.” Without hesitation, Seth placed his tongue onto her hand and began to gobble his sperm.

Finding the bull wasn’t easy. At first, they didn’t know what to do. But after a while, they came up with the idea of posting their fantasy on Craigslist. Their post said they would like a man to join them in their cuckold fantasy, describing optimal physical attributes, as well as leaving a newly made email address for contact. Sure enough, after a day or two, someone sent them a message with a couple of nudes. It was time.

It Was Awkward at First

After a couple of messages and a video call, they were sure the man from the photos was real. His name was Damon. He lived 45 minutes away and was a bit younger than the two of them. They met at a local dinner and went on to their house for a couple of drinks. In Susan’s eyes, Damon was perfect, and her hubby knew it.

It didn’t take them long before Seth sat down on the sofa in the living room, and Damon grabbed Susan by the throat. He knew what he was doing. It wasn’t his first time. On the other hand, the cuckolded husband was beginning to sweat all over as he watched his wife throbbing on the bull’s fat penis. “C’mon, bitch. Choke on his cock,” he whispered to himself while taking his belt off.

It didn’t take long before Damon bent Susan down on the broad couch. He was silent but dominant and strong. Without warning, he slipped his veiny penis into her soaking wet pussy. Susan felt him unlike any man before, and she loved it. She was gasping for air with every thrust Damon made, tearing up a little.

On the other side of the room, Seth sat on the leather sofa, slowly masturbating. He loved every second of his new cuckold relationship (Cuckolding FAQs) with Susan and Damon. Before that night, the two of them agreed that they should make the bull blow his load into her. The thought of warm jizz slowly dripping out of Susan made Seth orgasm while jerking off earlier that day.

I Feel Like We’re Stronger Than Before

Just like they planned, Damon came inside the hotwife. He immediately took his clothes and left without saying a single word. “Perfect,” said Seth to himself. It was exactly what he wanted. He got up and crawled on all fours towards the bed while his wife was lying on her back, breathing deeply and looking up to the ceiling.

All of a sudden, she felt her hubby’s breath between her thighs. Seth was licking her clobbered pussy, acting hapless. He looked up and said — “Thank you, baby. I love you so much.” She just smiled and whispered — “I know, Seth. I love you too.”

After that evening, it was all like a dream. They woke up the next morning, full of love for one another and their brand-new cuckold marriage. It didn’t take them long to contact Damon again, hoping he’ll come around next week. Only this time, they asked if he had a friend who’d like to join him in fucking Susan together.