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To many, humiliation is something that we tend to avoid most of the time. But, millions of people around the globe actually enjoy sexual humiliation. It creates a unique rush that makes them tick physically and mentally. Erotic humiliation is also a key principle of cuckolding, one of the most popular fetishes for couples. Today, we’ll discuss the basic tenets of cuckolding and explain why erotic humiliation is the key to this exciting kink.

Erotic Humiliation 

Firstly, sexual humiliation is a key aspect of BDSM play. It may sound strange to those who haven’t tried it, but it’s actually a common and diverse fetish. Humiliation play incorporates many different physical and psychological kinks. Also, dominant/submissive partners always practice it with consent or consensual non-consent. Some kinks include foot fetishes, body worship, forced exhibitionism, and degradation. Others include golden showers, objectification, stimulated rape, the use of sex toys and gags, etc. 

Additionally, one of the most popular forms of erotic humiliation is cuckolding. If you haven’t heard of it before, cuckolding is mainly practiced by heterosexual couples. It’s a type of non-monogamy (consensual). Namely, the male partner, i.e., the cuckold, gets humiliated by watching his female partner having sex with one or more men. Cuckolded husbands and boyfriends are typically not allowed to actively participate in the session. Also, they enjoy cuckolding as a form of humiliation because it makes them feel demeaned, useless, and disgraced. It is tied to masochism, and it can involve many other kinks. Some are small penis humiliation, verbal humiliation, orgasm denial, chastity play, etc. 

As you can see, sexual humiliation is an incredibly broad term, and it can vary on an individual level. Sticking with the cuckolding example, it’s a fetish that can appeal to submissive men and dominant women who like to experiment with polyamory. It’s deeply personal and requires a lot of planning, discussion, and caution. For males, cuckolding can create a huge rush of sexual and physical sensations, but it’s important to note that every couple does things differently. That is, the female partner or the hotwife can humiliate her man in many ways and can grant him pleasure or take it away. 

Means of Humiliation 

We’ve already mentioned some fetishes that involve humiliation and their mental/physical effects. For example, in cuckolding, the goal is to publicly humiliate the man by making him feel inadequate. Cuckolding can involve a lot of verbal humiliation and degradation. Also, the hotwife can make fun of her cuckold’s penis size. She can even arrange sessions with other men (bulls) who are more endowed in order to scorn him. 

If you consider erotic humiliation as a whole, it has some shared characteristics like verbal humiliation and abuse. Most fans of humiliation fetishes use terms like “worthless slut,” “ugly whore,” and similar. It can also contain ruthless references to body parts and behaviors. Conversely, physical humiliation also plays a key role. 

It can include ejaculation or urination, restraints/spanking, cross-dressing, public humiliation, forced sex, medical examinations, using chastity devices, and much more. D/s couples can adopt various rituals and techniques outside their bedroom/dungeon. For instance, the dominant partner can outline detailed rules on how the submissive is supposed to talk, walk, eat, and even sleep. 

In cuckolding, the couple can set many different rules for humiliating the man. Will he get to cum after the session, or will the hotwife cage him with a chastity device? Can the hotwife have sex with her bulls while the cuckold is physically absent? And does the cuckold have to satisfy the hotwife’s bulls with blowjobs, cum/creampie eating, or other activities? Those are all questions/rules that couples should ask themselves if they want to try this type of erotic humiliation. 

Why Do They Like It? 

When it comes to the psychology of erotic humiliation, it actually stimulates the brain in a similar way to physical pain, according to most experts. The consensus is that mental punishments and rewards have the same effect as physical pain and pleasure. With high degrees of consent and awareness, humiliation can achieve a desirable result, as opposed to abusive. 

However, not everyone will respond to humiliation in the same way. Some may love cuckolding, while others who enjoy age play, pet play, or master/slave dynamics could be offended by it. For many, humiliation is actually about trust and sexual pleasure as opposed to actual abuse and degradation. What’s more, some fetishes like name-calling or forced flattery can cause ego reduction or the transcendence of sexual inhibitions. 

Psychology of Cuckolding

So what are the types of erotic humiliation that male cuckolds like the most, and why? With cuckolding, men who enjoy watching their spouses in bed with others become the weaker sex. This fetish requires a lot of confidence and trust from the male partner. There are also several reasons why the fetish can be arousing for men. 

Obviously, some men enjoy watching their partners having sex with others. They enjoy observing their female partner who immerses herself in sexual bliss while they’re not able to participate or even pleasure themselves. Other male cuckolds could also love this fetish because it gives them control of other men’s sexual pleasure. Contrarily, some cucks can enjoy the dominance of the male bulls. 

But, the “true” cuck is a man who revels in being humiliated and demeaned by seeing his female partner in bed with others who are better looking and better endowed. This can stir various emotions, such as anxiety, jealousy, excitement, etc. The hotwives can also tie up and restrain their male partners during a scene. It can lead to such a rush that the cucks can even have hands-free orgasms. And for many men, the fetish may not end after a cuckolding session. They could take pleasure in being locked up in chastity devices during the day, handling the chores and providing income, and even stopping sex with their wives altogether, only to get rewarded by watching their female partner with other men. 

Is It Healthy?

Since humiliation and cuckolding consist of diverse sexual and non-sexual activities, they can be difficult to define. As mentioned, some people could love one humiliation fetish while another could offend them. Regardless of the fetish, practicing consent and being conscious of your actions during any activity is what brings those kinks back into the realm of “normal.” 

Many believe that cuckolding fetishes are for people who have problems, but that’s not the case at all. Consensual fetishes are just a fantasy, and cuckolding can just be one part of a loving couple’s sex life. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, erotic humiliation is one of the most important aspects of cuckolding and other BDSM kinks. It is not for everyone, but those who like humiliation can actually gain some profound pleasures from it. Would you like to become a male cuck or even disgrace your husband while sleeping with several other partners in front of him? Or do you prefer another humiliation fetish like body worship? Either way, it’s never too late to experiment and try something new! Good luck!