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Your partner has cheated on you, but it doesn’t make you feel angry. In fact, you don’t feel any negative emotion that you probably should be feeling. What could this mean? Let’s talk about cuckolding. After finding out she cheated, you’ll go through a roller coaster of emotion. However, it could lead you in an entirely different direction. 

So You Caught Her Cheating — Now What?

Catching your wife cheating is never an easy thing to go through. Much like with any other traumatic event, you go through certain stages of emotion. Nobody can just accept it and move on. No matter how emotionless you think you are, there are some emotions you will definitely experience. 

First things first, you’re in a state of shock. It’s a common misconception to believe that men immediately get angry or simply leave their partner. The first thing we all ask ourselves is how is it possible that our partner did that to us? There can be multiple reasons, but before you find them out, you move on to being in denial. 

Denial tells you that there’s no way this happened, and it must be some kind of mistake. Soon after, you’ll find yourself getting angry. That’s because you cannot stop thinking about your partner being unfaithful and what you did to deserve it. 

At the very end of your emotional roller coaster ride, something unordinary awaits you — curiosity. Many who experience this might also feel strange because this isn’t what society says you should feel. Still, you can’t help but explore this emotion further. 

Curiosity Creates the Cuckold

Once you go through all of the negative emotions, it’s time for curiosity to settle in your mind. However, let us explain what we mean by this just so we’re on the same page. By curiosity, we don’t mean you’re wondering why this happened. Your mind is more focused on how this happened.

It’s natural to imagine things like this, no matter how much they upset us. Still, a common response would be feelings of anger, sadness, or depression. Instead, you feel curious. What if you were there to watch your partner get laid with someone else? Wait, why does that thought turn you on? Congratulations, you may be into cuckolding. 

Most of the time, this is how men find out they wouldn’t mind their wives cheating on them. In fact, they would even encourage it. So, you’re definitely not alone. There’s no need to feel shame because what you’re into is nobody else’s business anyway. 

Since we now know that this is how you go from cheating to cuckolding, what happens next? You talk to your partner, of course. This isn’t always an easy thing to do. Men are usually afraid that their lady will dump them. Why? Well, there’s a reason she cheated in the first place. On the other hand, many women find a cuckolding relationship to be exactly what they were looking for. 

After you’re done going through emotions, now it’s time to move on to cuckolding. 

Encouragement Isn’t Always Enough

Even if you participate in cuckolding, cheating can still happen. How is this possible, you might wonder, especially since you’re literally watching your wife cheat on you. Well, it’s only really cheating the cuckold if she does it behind your back, right? She could still do that. 

With cuckolding, you’re basically encouraging your wife to cheat on you. Not only that, but you want her to do it in front of you. So, how is this not enough? She gets to stay in a relationship with you and have multiple other partners she can have sex with. The answer is really simple — what you’re offering is too good to be true. 

It’s very likely that your partner will think you’re just faking consent. She might think that you’re still getting hurt by what’s going on, but you want to give her the freedom to do whatever she wants. That is why she will participate in cuckolding but will also cheat on you without you knowing. 

That way, she still gets what she wants, but she also thinks she’s protecting you from getting hurt any further. That’s why encouragement isn’t always enough. No matter how much you tell someone that you’re okay with something, they still might not believe you. You need to be direct in expressing yourself and firm in setting boundaries. If you really want to live the cuckold life, that’s the only way to go about it.  

Conversion to a Cuckold

Now that we’re done talking and going through emotions, it’s time to actually convert to a cuckold. This conversion is far away from simple and easy. In fact, there will be a series of tests you’ll have to go through. The point of those tests is to check if you’re actually ready for this kind of lifestyle. Maybe just the thought of being a cuckold seems fun. Living that life might be entirely different. 

When it comes to tests, your partner will definitely find numerous ways in which she can taunt you. First of all, she can ask you to completely submit to her will. You’ll do as she says, when she says it, no if’s or but’s. Moving on from that, be ready to hear all about her other partner. She won’t only tell you about her dates with him, but how much better he can be than you. 

That definitely isn’t easy to hear, especially since all of us have an ego that might be tough to bypass. Your lady can also test you by taking you shopping for sexy lingerie she will wear for the other guy. Does that anger you or turn you on? You won’t really have much choice or say in this kind of relationship. 

Your partner can also decide that she doesn’t want to let you fuck her again. Since she has someone else doing it, she’ll be completely satisfied. Yes, that could mean saying goodbye to having sex but not saying goodbye to orgasms. She can still give you occasional handjobs, but only if she wants to.  


If you think you’re into cuckolding, there are numerous ways for you and your partner to test it out. Living that kind of life isn’t easy at all. In fact, this is when you might realize it’s not for you at all. While it gives a lot of freedom to your wife, you get to do whatever she asks to please her. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting your wife to be happy, but do you have what it takes? Only one way to find out.