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The term “cuck” seems to have found quite a following, floating around the internet. Used in recent nonsensical political debates, it’s gathering a lot of attention. People seem to be throwing it around easily, without actually knowing what it means. So, since it’s been trending on social media in the last few years, we feel the need to explain what it stands for.

The word cuckolding comes to us from Mother Nature, rather fittingly, believe it or not. The origins of the term derived from the cuckoo bird. This species lays eggs in other birds’ nests, fooling them into caring for their offspring. So you can start to understand where this is leading us to.

Certain couples love to open their relationships up for other people to join them in sexual encounters. But this isn’t a simple threesome story — it’s much more than that. Cuckolding considers a male who enjoys watching his wife (partner) having sex with another person in front of him. Their sex life consists of letting a third person come in and fuck one of them while the other is standing close by, enjoying the shit out of it.

The male partner who loves watching is a “cuck,” while the alpha who comes in to do the work is the “bull.” Of course, the wife or girlfriend also has her name — “hotwife.” It’s pretty easy to understand why the third person is the “bull,” considering the strength and intensity of the real animal. But being a “hotwife” doesn’t mean she’s, well, hot and attractive in the usual sense — she’s hot because she’s free to enjoy other guys, not only her sexually weak hubby.

The Psychological Explanation Behind the Fetish

But what is cuckolding if not a simple kink that turns some couples on? Is it just that, you’d ask? Well, there’s more to it than an ordinary person would know. It has a psychological background, rooted in sociology and other human sciences.

So let’s delve into it, shall we?

Some people describe the way these couples act as intentional jealousy. The whole point is to artificially produce such feelings so that the male can step up his game in the future. It’s some kind of motivational trigger, leading the male partner to start producing in the sack. A showing off of sorts, making him consider the level where he stands in the pecking order.

Humans work in ways that make them offer their best once put under pressure. In this case, the male is being humiliated by another dude (an alpha) fucking his wife while she’s telling him he’s no good.

This sense of humiliation fills him with jealousy and makes him longs for sex. It makes him care, and it further leads to him acting better in a relationship to win his wife over. At least that’s what some like to believe.

Also, some people link this fetish to producing offspring. Even if this seems to come out of the blue, reproducing seems to lurk around somehow. You see, in a primal sense, male animals need to show off to attract an attractive female. So if a hotwife is going around fucking other guys like eating ice cream, the male needs to step up.

He needs to act, and this perversion is a trigger. Moreover, it’s a desirable provocation to bolster his actions towards his wife — for her not to go around town, looking for hung bulls, he’ll up his game and satisfy her.

Humiliation Fetish Differs

So for the kink to work properly, couples need to talk about it. Thoroughly considering all options, they need to find what’s best suited for the two of them. Not everyone gets off the same way.

It’s rather foolish thinking it’s a simple binary fetish we’re dealing with here — she gets fucked, and he watches. Well, on the contrary. The cuckolding fetish has different angles from which it works.

Some consider it humiliating for them to stand beside another male. They love to listen to their hotwife compare them and talk about how they’re worse than the other guy. It’s what makes them thick, leading them to take better care of their commanding girl.

They intend to improve this way, paying more attention to their loving wives. It’s some kind of reverse psychology — you get told you lack in the sack, so you try more.

On the other hand, some love the idea that the other guy is way better than them. They love being in the shadow of another man, even if it’s not true. Thriving from humiliation, they fill themselves with emotion they seek.

Again, it’s what makes their flame burn strong. Being an underdog here suits their mindset fully, and there’s no better way of feeling that way than to be worse when it comes to sex.

There are all sorts of motivations floating around this fantasy, but one of the prominent ones is rooted in racial stereotyping. Big Black Cock (BBC) cuckolding is a real thing, and couples love to pursue it. Inviting their black friends to act as bulls, they enjoy interracial sex. They love the idea of the “wife/BBC cuckold scenarios,” as it humiliates them well enough for the kink to work.

How to Find a Bull?

If cuckolding sparks some interest in a couple, how do they find a willing participant to play their amateur cuckold game? It’s not like you can go out and pick the first person you find capable of resembling the part you envisioned. Of course, you can’t — it’s not that simple. But then again, it’s not so impossible to set up a cuckold session.

The two of you can always ask a friend to help out. You know, talk about your friends, and see if one could be a fitting candidate for your cuckolding session.

Of course, he needs to serve the plot for both the hubby and the wifey. In case he doesn’t look the part for one of them, it’s no use. He needs to check both boxes.

If they don’t want to join or don’t have a friend suitable for it, you can always try a listing website. It’s no secret all sorts of sex sites float around on the web, and some are based on matching people looking to find a bull for their cuckold fetish. The whole thing is as easy as one-two-three — just type what you want and browse for the right candidate.

It’s almost like going to the store, picking out fresh fruit. You know — you touch it a bit, see if it’s fresh or not. You don’t buy it if you don’t want to; it’s all in your intuition.

If you like what you see, you’ll invite them to ravage the hotwife. Just be sure both of you agree if the guy you’re looking at resembles the bull of your dreams.

Are There Rules When Getting Started With a Cuckold and Humiliation Fetish Kind of Relationship

Like with any other kink or fetish that you can think of, the only rule you need to consider first is safety. Yes, you can argue that acting in a cuckold session is safe by default — there’s no force or extreme objects involved. However, that’s not what we’re going for here. We’re more on the line of mentally safe.

It’s important to see if this fantasy will, by any means, endanger your relationship to the point of breaking it up. See, it’s some heavy stuff inviting another man into your home to fuck your wife.

It’s a make or break situation — not everyone is cut out for such fetishes. Being accepting of scenarios like this is not your classic “let’s have a threesome” story.

For it to work, the two of you will need to take your time and talk about it. Honest conversations are pillars of all relationships. So if anything is uncertain or unclear — talk about it!

Be sure both of you are really up for it. Because once you do it, there’s no going back. You can break someone to pieces if they’re unwilling to participate honestly.

So stay smart and be safe, don’t go into it without deeply thinking about what it can cause afterward. After all, being a cuck or a hotwife isn’t for everyone — only for a chosen few!