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The Intersectionality of Cuckolding

In this beautiful world of kink we live in, everything is interconnected. Sure, we all have our preferences. We might like one kink while proclaiming others are “not our cup of tea.” That’s perfectly fine since everyone has their own thing.

Perhaps you’re a massive fan of bondage, but mixing pain and pleasure isn’t something you find enjoyable. In the world of kink, as long as everything is safe, sane, and consensual, we say go for it or opt-out of it. Whatever floats your boat.

But it’s wrong to think of any kink as a secluded island that you either live on or altogether bypass while sailing the kinky waters. In reality, all kinks are interconnected. When it comes to kink, especially cuckolding, we can’t really talk about preferences without mentioning intersectionality. 

Cuckolding isn’t something that couples or partners slide into unaware. It isn’t something that simply happens to you. There’s quite a bit of buildup that leads to it. That’s one way to explain the overlap between cuckolding, BDSM, swinging, and voyeurism.

How Is Cuckolding Related to BDSM?

The concept of multiple partners isn’t a foreign one in the BDSM and the cuckold communities. But, there’s more to cuckolding than simply watching someone have sex with your partner. 

BDSM and cuckolding are closely related because so many kinks connect these two fetishes. As you may or may not know, the main driving force behind cuckolding is complete control and humiliation. 

There are several aspects of cuckolding that explain its appeal. If you’re a BDSM beginner and are just now dipping your toes in the wonderful world of cuckolding, you’ll recognize some of them.


Cuckolding is all about giving up power. Well, in reality, you’re accepting that you have no power to satisfy your partner and are, thus, not even trying. Instead, you’re watching someone else take over your role and doing it properly (in a way you never could).

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Humiliation isn’t an integral part of BDSM. But for some people, it’s the cornerstone and the feature that initially drew them in. It’s also the main “selling point” when it comes to cuckolding.


Seeing our partner happy brings a special kind of rush. Many cuckolded people describe it as the “best feeling in the world.” 

Aware that they can’t satisfy their partners, they’re happy to see them being pleasured by someone else. This isn’t common practice in the BDSM community. But all scenes are done to the satisfaction of both partners, which is why we drew this parallel, to begin with.


Of course, the parallels between BDSM and cuckolding can be found on both sides. People who enjoy the exchange of power to their benefit in BDSM might also enjoy cuckolding their partner. The dynamic is quite similar.

Where BDSM and cuckolding differ is the equipment. Although it can include bondage and impact play, cuckolding is usually all about the emotional and psychological play of humiliation than it is about physically restraining your partner.

How Is Cuckolding Related to Swinging and Polyamory?

People of the vanilla persuasion tend to look at anything that isn’t a heteronormative monogamous relationship as “weird.” They mash us all together in one category as if we all love the same things. 

And, although wrong, they do have a point when it comes to one thing — cuckolding and other fetishes are similar in some ways. Swinging and polyamory intersect with cuckolding, and the intersection can be named “love transcends sex.”

The similarity between swinging and cuckolding is that there are no emotional connections between the bull and either partner practicing cuckoldry. Sex and emotions are two completely separate concepts here, and the humiliation lies purely in the cuck’s inability to satisfy their partner sexually.

But is that always the case? No! Sometimes a couple has a steady bull or includes another person (or multiple people) into their sex lives in various roles. That is a form of polyamory, and it doesn’t always exclude the emotional component.

How Is Cuckolding Related to Voyeurism?

Voyeurism is a huge part of cuckolding. As a cuck, all you can do is watch. Deriving sexual pleasure from watching other people get dirty with each other is the very definition of voyeurism and one of the pinnacles of cuckolding.

Essentially, being cuckolded is like watching porn with your loved one in the starring role. 

Of course, the main difference is that those who are exclusively into voyeurism usually prefer that the objects of their observation aren’t aware of them. Yet, there’s an undeniable parallel between voyeurism and cuckolding.

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A Few Parting Words

As with any other kink, cuckolding can be connected with a multitude of other fetishes. Kink is never something that happens in a vacuum, and where there’s one kink, there’s usually a plethora of others. Some people dip their toes and enjoy a bit of swinging of some light BDSM before they opt for cuckolding, while others jump straight into the deep end and watch a bull fuck their wife. 

Whatever works, we say!