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Many cuckolding articles and how-tos neglect to mention how cuckolding benefits the woman. We usually think it’s a male fantasy, but in reality, both sides can reap its advantages. So what does cuckolding mean for the woman? Let’s find out! 

Provides a Sense of Satisfaction to Both Partners 

Most guides and articles will tell you that cuckolding is only a man’s fantasy. They mainly say that it’s all about the guy who wants to get humiliated and enjoys watching his hotwife with other men (i.e., bulls). But, that’s simply untrue. You can see just how much pleasure women get out of it if you check out some confessions and forum posts by real couples online. 

Many dominant women love engaging in all sorts of BDSM activities with their submissive husbands. Some use cuckolding as a way to utterly humiliate their cuck while having sex with bulls who are better endowed or more masculine. The result is a lot of physical and mental pleasure that can make women feel empowered. Plus, when done right, cuckolding can even strengthen a couple’s bond. Some sex therapists have found that cucks and their hotwives increase their intimacy and sense of closeness, togetherness, and trust. 

Also, cuckolding is an activity that opens up many new opportunities for sexual experimentation. It can satisfy both partners and boost their attraction for each other. Some long-term relationships can benefit from this kink due to that fact alone. It offers variety and taboos while satisfying the man’s masochistic desires of watching his wife’s infidelities. Plus, it can also fulfill many sexual and psychological needs of the woman. 

Makes a Woman Feel Desired

There’s a reason why a cuck’s female partner is called a hotwife. In a session with one or multiple bulls, she becomes the only object of desire. Since the goal is to stir jealousy and humiliate the cuck, the woman will be in an incredibly powerful position. That way, the hotwife has power over the cuck as well as the bulls. 

At the same time, since cuckolding is a consensual activity, she will not feel any guilt or remorse. And when it comes to feeling desired, it’s up to the individual hotwife to decide what she gets out of cuckolding. The hotwife may get pleasure only from the devotion that she and her husband have towards each other. Or, she may get turned on by her cuck observing her without actually being allowed to participate. If that is the case, some couples can try various techniques on the cuck. That includes chastity play, forced orgasms, and orgasm denial.

Also, when it comes to choosing her bulls, the hotwife can get a massive ego boost by sleeping with virile and sexually-superior men. Clearly, that can make her feel sexy and beautiful.

It Allows Women to Fulfill Their Fantasies

We’ve already mentioned that hotwives never usually feel remorse since this fetish encourages humiliation and jealousy. That’s how cuckolding allows women to experiment with their fantasies and fulfill their deepest desires. 

For instance, women can derive sexual pleasure through cuckolding if they are enacting some of their fantasies. But most importantly, women can try sex with multiple bulls during a single session. That means they can experiment with double or even triple penetration, cumplay, bondage, and countless other fetishes. If her fantasy is to dominate the cuck, she can try anything from orgasm denial to even forcing her man to consume the bull’s semen from her vagina or anus. Moreover, they can also fulfill any kind of body worship fantasy or simply be the object of desire for several men. 

Of course, there are various other ways to practice cuckolding. It can even occur while the man is not physically present. For example, he can watch his partner having sex via webcam or phone. The wife could also send him pictures or texts of her kinky experiments. Some couples practice cuckolding while making the man unaware of the wife’s activities.

Makes a Woman Feel More in Control 

Ultimately, cuckolding can give more power to the woman. It can lead to a sense of empowerment and strong confidence. The truth is, our society still has issues with women openly enjoying sex. But, a hotwife can get as much freedom as she wants and pick the bulls she is interested in. 

With cuckolding, the male partner can enjoy the woman’s voracious and assertive qualities. This new power can strengthen relationships. Women can also highly enjoy some of the hypersexualized benefits. For instance, the cuck will be highly dedicated to her since he usually isn’t allowed to have sex with another person. If there are multiple bulls, the hotwife/cuck could love the fact that they are all competing for the same woman. 

However, even with all those benefits, not all women will enjoy this fetish. Some just may not be into it, and if you’re looking to try it, it’s best not to push your wife/girlfriend into it. Nevertheless, if you establish some rules that clearly outline the terms and specifics of a cuckold arrangement, you could end up getting extremely lucky. 


So what do you think? Does the thought of sharing your wife with other men turn you on? Are you a woman who fantasizes about being a hotwife and sleeping with lots of bulls? Either way, you’ve seen just how many benefits this fetish can have. So try it today and have fun!