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Although it might sound strange at first, opening up your relationship might prove to be the best decision you’ve ever made. It’s not uncommon to hear stories about couples splitting up for various reasons, but it mostly comes down to bad sex. It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances that everyone deals with on their own. But luckily for you, what if we say there’s a way to save your marriage/relationship by exploiting sex even more?

Hot Wife vs. Hotwife

In case you didn’t know by now, cuckold relationships have specific names for all participants. The man who enjoys watching his wife/partner have sex with another person is a cuck, while the guy who’s doing all the action is a bull. The reasons behind the terms are pretty much obvious, aren’t they? Cuckoo birds place eggs in other’s nests, while bulls are generally mighty and assertive animals.

But besides these two, there’s the female who enjoys “cheating” on her man — she’s a hotwife. And no, we didn’t make a mistake, it’s one word. Although someone hot usually means a conventionally attractive person, a hotwife doesn’t need to be an A-list porn star. She can be a random average girl next door who simply enjoys this kind of fetish with her partner.

Why Hotwifing Can Be Fun

There are many reasons why someone would enjoy hotwifing. But even if it’s pretty much subjective in terms of what makes you horny, an argument could be made that this wife sharing experience is fun because it isn’t conventional. People get off on all sorts of stuff, so why wouldn’t they have fun sharing their partner?

Hotwifing can up your sex life by a mile. It will help satisfy the female by letting her have sex with a more dominant dick, but it will also motivate her partner to try harder during their regular sex sessions. Also, for people who love role-playing, a cuckold session can be prolific in terms of different scenarios and settings. It can lead to an unexpected threesome, too.

It Can Fulfill Women’s Desires

Like we’ve said, a hotwife scenario can lead to all sorts of things. They usually include better experiences and more satisfaction for the female. She will feel like two men want her (of which one is a sub and the other is a dom), and she’ll also make her hubby try harder to satisfy her once they’re alone.

On the other hand, a cuckold session can serve as a femdom tale through and through. As the submissive husband watches his wife have sex with whomever she wants right in front of his eyes. Quirky, yes — but some enjoy it very much.

It Gives Women Freedom

Sexual fantasies are usually male-centric. Porn is full of that stuff, but what about women? Well, in our opinion, a cuckold fantasy is more about girls. They enjoy great sex with a different partner they choose.

The freedom to have sex with someone else is probably the most liberal experience for girls. They break the shackles of a traditional marriage/relationship, but they also impose themselves as dominant over men. In some ways, it’s a power fantasy for sure.

It Abolishes Male Jealousy

Since this isn’t actual cheating — it’s approved by both partners — hotwifing destroys any trace of jealousy. Sure, it’s not for everyone, since most adult males wouldn’t like to watch their wife have sex with another man in front of them. But in case they give consent, it makes sure there’s no trace of envy in your relationship.

In case the two of you can live up to high standards of cuckolding, you’ll easily make sure your relationship is something else entirely. We all know jealous types of people, especially men. Therefore, if your guy can take this — he’s a keeper.

Improves Trust and Relationship

In case you can bridge something as extreme as hotwifing, the two of you are on your way to a bright future. And since every successful relationship is built upon trust and understanding, the transparency of a cuckold session is to be cherished.

There’s no cheating since you both agree to it. Hence, you’re already one step in front of every other couple out there. Of course, it’s not like everyone is capable of hotwifing, but it just means you’re way better at having and maintaining a relationship than others.

It Can Increase Intimacy

In one way, a male who accepts he isn’t good enough for his partner will make sure they try their best the next time they have classic sex. You could say hotwifing is a motivational move to brighten up things under the sheets.

But on the other hand, watching his partner with someone else in front of him can be tough on a man. Not only will the hotwife enjoy better sex, but her hubby will also have fun watching his fantasy unfold before him.

Sexual Satisfaction

Fetishes are obviously all about pleasure. Therefore, there’s a clear link between enjoying your dreams and your body. Hotwifing is not an exception. All participants have certain sexual benefits from it.

Both the bull and the hotwife will have intercourse (usually better than with her husband), while the cuck would masturbate next to them. Even if they decide that the cuck can’t join in, he has plenty of action to draw inspiration from. Sure, jacking off isn’t anything near actual sex, but it’s better than nothing.

It’s Not Cheating!

In case we didn’t make it clear by now — hotwifing isn’t cheating. It’s not something a woman does behind her hubby’s back. On the contrary, he’s right there watching. A man whose wife is fucking in front of him with his consent can’t be considered cheating. That’s the whole point.

You can talk about morals and ethics all you want, but if there’s an agreement between the partners — it’s A-Okay in our book. The word cuck is easily thrown around these days, but that doesn’t make it bad if you don’t consider it morally wrong. In the end, it’s all up to you and how you feel about something.