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It’s not uncommon to hear how once happy couples turn into lifeless ones. Moreover, it’s a common trope in movies and TV series, but we still can’t get enough of it. The whole thing begins with sunshine and rainbows, but after a while, the relationship starts to feel stale and unexciting. So what do couples do to mend the situation?

Do they use sex toys, play around with different roles, or invite a third party to fuck the wife? Yup, the last one is one of the most common fantasies in modern Western households. This fetish is known in pop culture as cuckolding. In case you’re not familiar with it or don’t understand why it turns guys on — read the rest of our article as we’ll go through the ins and outs of the cuck-hotwife-bull dynamics.

Cuckolding as a Taboo Excites Men More

In short, cuckolding is a fetish where one partner enjoys watching the other have sex with a third person. It usually revolves around the husband wanting his wife to have intercourse with another man, but it can work the other way around too. The man who watches is a cuck, his wife is a hotwife, and the third person is a bull. The name comes from cuckoo birds that lay their eggs in other birds’ nests.

Nevertheless, this subject is still pretty taboo. Although you can imagine these sorts of perversion going on in the past, society isn’t supportive of this form of sexual activity, and it’s one of the reasons why people enjoy it. The thing is, the more stigma around something — the more people want to try it. It’s the forbidden fruit tale.

Watching their partner have sex feels dirtier than most things; hence, some guys might find it more interesting. The whole thing is so popular; even porn is full of such content, but we’ll talk about this later. Either way, why are men drawn to it more than women? Is it something only guys like to fantasize about? Well, let’s find out.

Why Men Are Drawn to Cuckolding

Sexual fantasies have numerous reasons behind them, and you can’t state only one factor that decides whether you’ll try this or that. The same goes for the cuckold fantasy. However, a recent study done by sex therapist David Ley suggests some interesting ideas behind this sexual activity.

According to Ley, this kink is a trope for old-fashioned types. Most of the time, the couples are conservative, heterosexual, and in their 40s. He suggests that they enjoy it more since they initially find the idea repugnant and decadent.

He states two main reasons why a cuckolded husband would enjoy his wife’s infidelity while right there in the room. Firstly, he might have some homoerotic fantasies, but he doesn’t dare to pursue them. As such, he mentally embodies his wife while she’s with another man. Her body is the vessel for his gay journey.

On the other hand, he enjoys voyeurism, but watching porn is simply unrealistic. Hence, watching his wife is much more real, and he enjoys it more. Of course, some cuckolds participate in the act, but the point is in watching. Looking at two strangers on his screen seems immature and serves no purpose.

Ley also suggests another interesting idea. Namely, he mentions that the husband of the adulterous wife is usually the one who picks the third person. Moreover, he tends to go for guys who are different from him in regards to their race, physical attributes, age, and so on. In other words, cucks find sexual pleasure in observing what they can’t have.

Cuckolding Porn

Like we’ve said, there’s a whole genre of porn that revolves around people who enjoy cuckolding. It’s no wonder since it’s a pretty popular fetish in the West. Porn does this all the time, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. It simply mimics certain trends and its viewers’ fantasies.

Tube-like sites are full of cuck videos, which means people search for them. Moreover, hotwife porn is trending more than some classic genres like group sex, DPs, and other well-known fantasies. There are even videos where wives enjoy watching their hubbies fuck some innocent young girls. It works both ways, you know.

In our eyes, this is A-okay. Why? Well, porn has always been an outlet for people who couldn’t enjoy their sex lives in the way they want to; hence, they can watch strangers fuck in all sorts of obscure and sometimes unrealistic scenarios. Porn only reflects what people find sexy and interesting, so there’s no reason to think this is a bad thing.

On the other hand, porn isn’t the only source for cuckold relationship fantasies. Sites like Reddit are full of subtopics where people contact each other and pursue their kinks in real life. Some even do it on Craigslist, meaning there’s a whole platform for cucks, hotwives, and bulls to interact with one another. However, is it worth it?

It Rekindles the Fire

We’ve already mentioned that this fetish is common for long-term couples and marriages, but let’s expand on this now, shall we? So it’s no secret that even the happiest of relationships can go stale after a while. Time goes, kids grow up and leave the house, jobs become more and more frustrating, and sex becomes secondary.

Whether the roots lay in male erectile dysfunction or just a lack of experimenting, it doesn’t matter. The point is — sex life isn’t as enjoyable as it once was. How can you get it up and running again? Do you go for sex toys, role-playing, or something else? Well, it all depends.

Sex toys and role-playing are great — there’s no doubt about it. However, some people just need something more from their sex life. Since cuckolding is such a taboo, it’s the perfect way to rekindle old feelings. It’s also a way to build trust once again. There’s nothing more trustworthy than allowing your partner to fool around with some other guy.

Cuckolding can make the bond between partners even stronger. Most people set up rules like no kissing, no emotional involvement with the third party, intending to keep the thing only for themselves. Some don’t even want to know the name of the bull, making him only a tool in their perverse fantasy. Of course, it isn’t for everyone, and trying it might be a risk the two of you aren’t prepared to take.

At least not yet.