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By the time you’re 40, most marriages end up being dull and uninspiring. It’s a common trope in many novels, films, and even big-budget porn. Unfortunately, most of these tales of unhappy marital affairs explore adultery as the only logical step forward.

But our story is different. The consequences of such a deed can go out of hand if you’re not careful. Moreover, they can break an already unstable marriage. And, in case you’re wondering how, we suggest you continue on with our cuckold story about Josh and Penny.

We Were Having Zero Sex for Months

As the sun was setting on a sweet summer day, Josh and Penny were just finishing their dinner. And just like every other evening, he would go and watch TV, while his wife would leave upstairs to their bedroom. 

They were married without children for over six years. Both Josh and Penny were making good money, but their sex life was going in the opposite direction. It was a long time since they made love. From time to time, Penny would jerk him off, but that was about it. Their flame of lust and desire was out.

Bored with the TV, Josh went upstairs. But while climbing up the stairs, he noticed moaning and heavy breathing coming from the room. His once loving wife was masturbating on their bed, watching porn on her iPad. “What the fuck, Penny?” he thought.

On the screen, there was a wife cheating on her hubby with some strong, muscular black stud. He was into it. She turned her head, and their eyes locked. “Is this what you want?” he said to her. “Sorry, Josh. I just want something from my life.” Penny replied while her hand was still on her fiery red crotch.

What the Hell Is Cuckolding?

“Don’t stop, baby. I want to see you come.” Josh was adamant. He pulled his flaccid penis from his jeans and began stroking it. It didn’t take him long before he came, leaving his load dripping down his leg. Although silent and in shock at first, Penny felt they’re onto something that night.

Josh finally opened his mouth and said, “What was that, babe? What kind of porn were you just watching?” She knew he was into it, so she immediately replied, “Well, you know, I have this fucked up fantasy. I dream about cheating my cuckold husband.”

He wasn’t familiar with the term, so she explained it to him. “So, I would like you to watch me fuck another guy here in our bed. I would be a hotwife fucking a bull, while you would be the so-called cuck.” Josh didn’t mind it, and he quickly replied, “I think I’d like that too, honey. But who would you fuck? Your hairdresser who was hitting on you?”

I Was Surprised With Craigslist

It didn’t take long before Penny told him all about her friend Susan and how she and her husband found a guy on Craigslist. Susan and her cuck husband would regularly search for bulls that way or through social media, so Penny and Josh thought they would try it too.

“So, how do we do this? Do we leave our phone numbers or photos?” he was curious. “No, Josh. We’ll just leave an email address, and then we’ll video call him.” Penny knew what she was doing. She was thinking about this for a long time, but he didn’t mind. Josh found her hot for the first time in years.

The next day, he was racing back home, hoping for some news. And as soon as he went inside, he saw Penny on her phone texting. “Who is it, babe?” he couldn’t wait for her response. Penny passed him her phone, and he was in awe. “It’s Mario. I want you to look at him and tell me what you think.” 

“Wow! Do you like him? Think you can take that gargantuan cock?” Penny just smirked and said, “Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. He says he’s free tonight. What do you say, cucky? Are you pathetic enough?” She knew he was. There was a big stain of pre-cum on his pants just from looking at the image of Mario’s veiny penis.

I Was Jealous at First — Then I Got Hard

The deal was for Mario to leave immediately after, without any conversation. No kissing, no romance — just raw fucking. After all, they were cuckold amateurs. They didn’t know any better. They didn’t mind asking her friend Susan how to handle it.

The bull was a black guy, just like the one she was watching the other night. Tall, handsome, and with big muscular arms and legs. At first, Josh was a bit jealous. He found the guy intimidating, but he figured that was the point.

Josh sat in the corner, eagerly waiting for the deed to begin. And just like that, Penny grabbed Mario by his cock, and began to kiss him as if she never had a man before. “Fuck, baby. We said no kissing.” Josh whispered to himself, but he didn’t interrupt them. Her defiance turned him on.

Just as Josh pulled his penis out, Penny was already sucking Mario off. The image was strange, yet it made him feel good. The bull’s cock was massive, almost like a pipe, dripping with her saliva. She could barely lock her lips onto it.

A couple of minutes later, Josh was fully cuckolded by a BBC. His wife was on her knees, and Mario was pounding her from behind. Penny yelled, “Please, baby. Put it in my ass!” Her cuck husband found that even more pleasing.

But as luck would have it, Mario couldn’t handle it and blew his load inside her. Both Penny and Josh overlooked it because they knew she couldn’t have kids. Somewhat shamefully, Mario took his stuff and left. Josh immediately wanted a sloppy second, and he climbed onto the bed, desperately trying to penetrate his dishonored wife.

Still, Zero Sex

Penny was just lying motionless. She couldn’t even feel him. He was pathetic, and she realized it. Moments later, she said, “Stop. I just can’t. I’m tired.” Josh was in shock. He didn’t even put it inside, so he began jerking off, coming on her back while she fell asleep, uninterested in him.

The notion of his wife cuckolding him led Josh to believe they were on their way to some sort of happy marriage. Yet, it just made things worse. She thought he was pathetic, worthless of recognition. Of course, this didn’t last.

Five weeks later, she sent him a text while he was at work. He immediately went home, asking, “What’s going on, Penny?” She was crying, curled up on the sofa. “I’m… I’m pregnant, Josh.”

He sat next to her and said, “It’s okay, honey. Don’t worry. Do you want to tell Mario about it?” The deed was done. He was a complete cuckold.